Stuck at home? Need care? We are here for you!

Online appointments allow you to easily meet with your physiotherapist one-on-one through our secure and privacy compliant platform. Online appointments allow you to continue your treatment plan without having to leave your home.  We are calling these physiotherapy treatments  Sport&Spine@Home.


Why would someone book an online appointment with Sport&Spine@Home?

A Sport&Spine@Home treatment is a great idea when:

  • You cannot easily leave your home (due to COVID-19, or a snow storm, etc.)
  • Physiotherapy services are not available in your community
  • To receive follow-up care by a Sport & Spine physiotherapist when you are away from Lethbridge
  • If you would like to refer a friend or family member to who does not live close enough to visit Sport & Spine in-person

Are Sport&Spine@Home online appointments similar to in-person appointments?


Sport&Spine@Home appointments differ from in-person care because your physiotherapist cannot perform hands-on assessment and treatment.  Sport&Spine@Home appointments are the same as in-person care because your physiotherapist will still work to understand your injury, your symptoms, your movement challenges, and design a treatment program to solve these problems. Sessions are also still covered by your insurance provider.

The online appointment will include the same steps that happen during an in-person visit;

  • an interview to understand your medical history, past injuries, the activities you want to get back to and your current problem
  • a visual assessment of how you are moving
  • prescription of exercises, postural adjustments and advice about lifestyle changes to get you moving well again

Your physiotherapist will ensure that everything (the treatment session, the documentation of the treatment session and the payment process) is in compliance with all relevant privacy and security requirements and legislation.


Let’s Get Started


All you need is:

  1. a good internet connection. (You can check your internet connection speed by typing in the browser bar. You will need 15Mbps or faster.)
  2. a computer with a webcam, a smart phone with a camera or tablet with a camera and a microphone.

To Book

  1. Book your session via email or by calling us at 403- 308-1639 directly.  Please note that online booking for Sport&Spine@Home visits is not yet available.

* Please have insurance and credit card information available as they will be collected at time of booking. You WILL NOT be charged until after your assessment.

  1. After booking your Sport&Spine@Home appointment you will receive a welcome email with a link to help you set up a user account. Once your account is created please complete the intake and consent form prior to your appointment. A link to the form will be at the top of the page when you first login to your account. 
  2. Before your appointment, please test and make sure your device (cell phone, tablet or computer) is ready to go with working sound and video. Ensure that:
      • You have your camera set up in a location that allows you to move around and still be seen
      • You have clear audio
      • You have a private space free of distraction so you can focus on what you need 

    At the bottom of your appointment confirmation email is a button to test your device with the virtual software.

  3. 30 minutes prior to your appointment time you will be emailed a link to your secure appointment.  When you click on the link you will be taken to the online appointment screen to meet with your physiotherapist.
  1. Following your appointment your physiotherapist will summarize the goals and treatment plan you agree on, assist you with booking your follow-up sessions, and send you your homework.