From Our Patients

“When my doctor recommended I see Sandra at Sport & Spine Physio I had a lot of leg pain and lower back pain to the extent I could not stand very long and only walk short distances. MRI had revealed severe spinal stenosis at L3-4 disc level and surgery was a must. After checking surgery waiting times and out of country prices, I spoke with Sandra and she assured me that I did not need surgery and she could help me. So I started laser therapy, approximately 20 treatments, followed with exercises for certain muscles. I can now walk and stand as long as I want to and have not looked back. I feel very fortunate and lucky to have had her put the time and effort into my situation.”

– Brian Seward

“I started coming to physiotherapy because I had pain in my hips that felt like growing pains. It hurt to climb the stairs to my office (31 stairs) carrying my 50 lb computer bag. It effected my ability to ride my bike. Any time I drove any distance longer than 30 minutes my hips would be aching. At physiotherapy I learned a lot of different movements and corrections of how I carried my body. With these corrections and the laser therapy it has greatly reduced the pain I started with. I gave my hips and legs a great workout over two days by moving a complete parts warehouse to a new location. There was lots of walking, lifting, carrying heavy objects and after that I was still able to ride my bike.”

– Doug Turigan

“When I started with Sandra I had shooting pain down both legs, numbness in my hamstring and definitely couldn’t sit for very long. I am very active going to the gym at least 4 times a week, riding my bike to work, golfing and skiing but was unable to do those things when I first started with Sandra. What I liked about Sandra’s approach to physio was she didn’t focus directly on the area of pain but what other parts of the body could be causing the issue. She gave me different kinds of exercises and acupuncture and now I’m pain free and back doing all of my activities.”

– Tom White

“Before seeing Sandra I could hardly play softball, and more or less did not know how to move correctly. Now I enjoy spring/summer days playing pain free and have translated the correct mechanics to all daily activities.”

– Alex Drummond

“I hurt my feet when I was doing a cartwheel. Then I came to physio and had to do different things. I had trouble running on my tippy toes. So I had to do some stretches. Then I kept doing them. When I ran slow it was not hurting but when I ran really fast it hurt. So I rested it after a while it got better so I came again and I did different things and it didn’t hurt. So I didn’t have to come to physio anymore because it was better.”

– Emily Skinner (age 9)

“I came to Sandra with a lot of pain in my neck, shoulders and lower back. I had recent issues due to a strained bicep and every workout was accompanied by a lot of pain. It impacted my ability to work, drive, do school work, enjoy walks with my dog, and even sleep at night. At times if felt as though it would never get any better. Working with Sandra has been amazing. She has taught me so much about how my body can move, how my breathing impacts me, and has helped me achieve a range of motion I didn’t know was possible for me. I am back to working out five days a week, can get through my shifts at work, enjoy walking my dog and best of all I experience no pain! I feel strong and healthy! Physiotherapy was the best decision for me and the experience has been life changing!”

– Kimberly Anderson

“Came with back pain that affected most daily activities. Began working on core issues and noticed relief quickly. I can now recognize situations that affect pain and can correct my body accordingly. Thank you for giving me the tools to live pain free.”

– Tim Neufeld

“Before I came here I had years of pain in my lower back, to the extent I wouldn’t even pick up my 1 year old daughter due to being scared of hurting my back. Now after being here for only a month and a bit, I am almost full functioning. In the last 2 weeks I have built a deck and a 30’ retaining wall with VERY minimal pain or stiffness after. Whereas before I would have been laid up for who knows how long after those tasks. She has worked wonders on my body and would definitely recommend to anybody who is in chronic pain!”

– Jeff Kercher

“3 months ago I came here with daily back pain. I was having trouble golfing and picking up my kids. Now I feel so much better! I feel no pain and have so much more endurance in my back!”

– Graeme Bishop

“Four years ago I had a shoulder injury which healed, however during recuperation I developed a bad case of frozen shoulder. After two years of pain and severe restriction of movement- I could not take the wallet out of my back pocket, I met Sandra at the tennis club. I had seen two physiotherapist up to this point with no satisfactory results. On July 3, after a year and a half with Sandra, I canoed four hours on Cameron Lake in strong winds. Nervous at first, I had no pain and full range of motion. Thanks Sandra from the bottom of my heart.”

– Brian Lagace